понеделник, 2 февруари 2009 г.

споделено отдалече

държа да споделя предложението за женитба на ДХАУАЛ който е направил нещо много важно за семейството на красивите неща - защото без тези неща - не може.

Baby you've got me going..

I don't know how I'm saying..
that I really love you.
Please love me the way I do...

You won't find a man like me
who'll take you on a shopping spree.
I'd buy you as many dresses you wish
perfumes and bangles and all thats there in your list.

I'd take you to a place so far
on a long drive in my car.
Mountains and hills and valleys you'll see..
Oh Baby! just for once do love me..

I wanna take you on a romantic dinner
where the lights of candle will shimmer
& we'll dance together under the stars..
BABY! please leave all your differences afar..

No man could love you the way I do.
Baby I love you really true.
You've been sent for me from the heaven above.

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